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SMB Deco Buoy with Pouch

The Deco Stop Buoy is typically used to maintain a set depth during decompression or safety stops. This PSD is designed to be inflated by purging your regulator under the opening. Air is trapped by the unique one way duck bill valve, and an over pressure valve takes care of expanding air during ascent. A small lead weight assists in keeping the PSD in a vertical position.

  • Unique one way Duck Bill valve
  • Over Pressure Relief valve
  • High Visability Dual Orange and Yellow colouring for maximum visibility on the water and from the air
  • Lead weighted opening
  • Includes velcro closure seal pouch and BC clip
  • Dimensions: 18cm x 122cm


SMB Oral inflate

A high visibility signaling device which can be inflated orally on the surface. There’s no doubt that safety should be a top priority for anyone hitting the water and the Oral Inflate PSD can be inflated in 2 quick breaths by the average diver when on the surface.

  • Dimensions: 15cm x 183cm
  • Dual colouring for maximum visibility on the water and from the air
  • Maximum 3 breath inflation
  • Screw lock inflation valve prevents air escaping once inflated
  • Includes Velcro closure seal and BC clip