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The Ocean Pro Multi-Tool has been manufactured from anodised alloy and 420 stainless steel for marine applications use. The Ocean Pro Multi-Tool is a very handy tool to have with you and is capable of fixing all manner of problems including hose leaks, reg free flows, O-ring replacements and many more.

 The Ocean Pro Multi-Tool is built to be compact in size and lightweight in design so that you can easily afford to take it with you when travelling to your next remote diving location. The Ocean Pro Multi-Tool is that good in fact that you won't find a dive shop or charter boat that doesn't have one for themselves.

 The Ocean Pro Multi-Tool includes all the tools commonly used in scuba repairs out in the field, including a tank valve handle removal tool, a brass O-ring pick, 3 Hex head Allen keys, a Schrader valve removal tool, a Phillips head screwdriver, a Flathead screwdriver and the ability to fold up into a handy pocket size for convenient traveling and storage.