Suunto SM-16/45 Depth Gauge

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The Suunto SM-16 45 Metre Depth Gauge features a reliable Bourdon tube mechanism with a gear system, a maximum depth indicator, a zero-in facility for high altitude diving and a phosphorescent dial face. Maximum depth shown is 45 metres. The maximum depth indicator needle will mark your deepest depth reached on a dive. This feature is helpful when logging dive information, providing key information for repetitive dives.

The Suunto SM-16 45 Metre Depth Gauge face is colour coded for ease at a glance reading, with green screen form 0 to 6 metres and then from depths beyond the standard sport/recreational diving limits red screened from 40 to 45 metres. The gauge face has 3-metre numerical increments of depth from 0 to 15 metres, and then from 15 to 45 metres increments are 5 metres with 1-metre increment indicators of full scale.